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  1. Ever: перевод, произношение, транскрипция, примеры использования

    • foxes are seldom if ever tamed — лисицы, если и становятся ручными, то очень редко more than ever before — более чем когда-либо (раньше) as good as ever — не хуже...


  2. Ever - Wikipedia

    Ever may refer to: Ever (Love Spirals Downwards album) (1996). Ever (IQ album) (1993). "Ever" by Flipper from the album Album – Generic Flipper. "Ever" (song), a 2010 song by Gackt. Ever (artist), creator of street art, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ever (comics), a Marvel Comics character.


  3. ever - Wiktionary

    eva, evah, eva', evuh, iver (dialectal). From Middle English evere, from Old English ǣfre, originally a phrase whose first element undoubtedly consists of Old English ā (“ever, always”) + in (“in”) + an element possibly from feorh (“life, existence”) (dative fēore).


  4. Ever - definition of ever by The Free Dictionary

    • 5. informal chiefly Brit (intensifier, in the phrases ever so, ever such, and ever such a ): ever so good ; ever such bad luck ; ever such a waste .


  5. Ever | Define Ever at Dictionary.com

    • in any possible case; by any chance; at all (often used to intensify or emphasize a phrase or an emotional reaction as surprise or impatience): How did you ever manage to do it?


  6. ever - Перевод на русский - примеры английский | Reverso Context

    • Перевод "ever" на русский. Посмотреть также: than ever ever since ever heard ever met.
    • If I ever actually ever get married. Если я вообще когда-нибудь выйду замуж.


  7. ever - это... Что такое ever? | Словари и энциклопедии на Академике

    • the best film we ever saw - лучший фильм, который мы когда-либо видели
    • have we ever met before? - мы с вами когда-нибудь раньше встречались?
    • hardly /scarcely/ ever - почти никогда, очень редко


  8. Define ever: always; at any time; in any way — ever in a sentence

    • Definition of ever. 1 : always. ever striving to improve. the ever-increasing population. 2 a : at any time. more than ever before. b : in any way. how can I ever thank you.


  9. ever Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    • Nothing ever happens here in the evening. Have you ever been to London?
    • If ever there was a cause for celebration, this peace treaty was it. The smell is worse than ever.


  10. Ever Ever After - Wikipedia

    "Ever Ever After" is a song by American singer Carrie Underwood, written by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz for Enchanted (2007). The song, which was the last of several written for the film, appears as the fifth track on its soundtrack album.


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